Friday, October 25, 2013

Us in 2012

Here is a quick view of our last year. Real quick.

We had a big party at our house.  We had all of the Starr clan come down to play, then took kids trick-or-treating.  Fun was had by all.  ;)

One of our favorite traditions is doing our doing our "Thankful 4's".  We write down all that we are thankful for at the beginning of the month so we have the whole month to look at these "thankful 4's", and it helps remind us what is really important.

How did I not get any pics of all my kids standing in front of the Christmas tree this year?  Slacking.  No worries, I will make up for it this year.  What a wonderful time of year.  We tried to involve the kids more this year.  We did a little project that really helped the kids understand the true meaning of Christmas.  It was an amazing Christmas.

And I just could resist putting in a couple pictures of our sweet new bundle of joy. This was his first Christmas.

Look at that adorable smile.  Like I said, he sure makes happy!

Still doing cakes.  Nothing near the amount I was doing in Vernal, but at least my kids are getting them.  This was Matthew's.  The Avengers.  All made out of fondant.  

Dallin's first birthday, and his monster cake.  Again, that smile!

Again, didn't get any good group pictures.  Thought this looked pretty "Easter-ie".

Easter morning.  After finding their Easter baskets.  Dallin is still sleeping.  

First Day of School
Allison is in 3rd grade (9yrs), and Matthew is in 1st (6 yrs).

Maddie is in preschool (4 yrs).  We are doing a co-op preschool between myself and 5 other moms.  Love it and so does Maddie.

Our cute growing little family.  Can you believe all that has changed sense last time?  Neither can I, neither can I.  

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